Birth is physical! We can do a lot of reading about it and we can talk about it but the only way we can really grasp a deeper understanding of it is through practicing with our body.


About the Workshop                                                                                                                                    A practical approach to labour and birth. Equip yourself with a simple and effective 'tool kit' used by many women over decades to successfully help them through a natural birth of their baby. You and your birth support partner will learn and actively practice with each other the following:

- USEFUL BREATHING TECHNIQUES for labour and birth and when to use them                    - supporting BIRTHING POSITIONS                                                                                                               - being the BIRTH SUPPORT PARTNER and the birthing mother and how to 'work' together during labour and birth   

Testimonial: "We had our baby yesterday morning! All natural vaginal birth no drugs. I used horse breathing for the first part, then the low vocal toning. The low vocal toning really helped me get into the zone, use the contraction to bring her down low. Even Josh said he was so glad we made it to the workshop before we went into labour. He thought it was very useful on how to support me in different positions and "to be a piece of furniture" (lol). Massive thank you! So glad I did the all the Prenatal yoga too" - Sarah, Sep '18

Workshops                            together with your birth support partner

 with Fee Klauser                                                                                                                                                                                          

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, 25th of November 4 to 5.30 pm                                       at MY MIDWIVES                                                                                        31 Weston Street, Brunswick                                        

Sunday, 20th of January 4 to 5.30 pm                                       at MY MIDWIVES                                                                                        31 Weston Street, Brunswick    

Investment $65 for two people                                                               bookings are essential