What is the Bellyamas Yoga teaching philosophy and focus in a class setting? You can read about it here: http://www.bellyamasyoga.com.au/philosophy/

What do I need to bring to class? Mats and other yoga props are provided for you at all Studios, so you only need to bring comfortable clothing to wear in class. For Mums&Bubs Yoga: Please also bring a dribble rug for you bub.

What is a good time to start Prenatal Yoga?  A great time to be starting with Prenatal Yoga is the start of the second trimester. It can be continued until your baby is born. It is recommended that you only do gentle exercising during the first trimester as it is a very precious time and you might also feel too tired and/or nauseous to be comfortably exercising. If you still decide to come along to class during the first trimester it is important that you take lots of rest knowing that it is not the time to challenge your limits. Usually, from the second trimester women feel more energetic and able to dive into a more active yoga practice.

Is it ever too late to start Prenatal Yoga? NO!I have many women attending the classes up until they give birth. We practice many breathing techniques useful for labour as well as mindfulness to relax certain body parts or muscle groups during our yoga poses.  It is also really good and recommended to keep moving and stay active even when you are very pregnant, it might just all be a little slower and you can take rest whenever you need to.

Pelvic girdle pain/pelvis instability in pregnancy: Can I practice Yoga if I have any of those conditions? It is very important that you tell the teacher before class that you have PI or even if you feel 'loose' in the pelvic area! Yoga can be therapeutic for this condition but only if  you strictly stick to the modifications given by the teacher. Otherwise, it can worsen the pain which is what we really want to avoid. 

How long after the birth of my baby until I can start Mums&Bubs Yoga? It is recommended to wait until 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8 to 10 weeks after a Caesarean birth. Please confirm with your midwife or your GP/OB  to make sure everything has healed so far that you can begin safely with the practice. Only gentle exercise should be done before that time. You can come along to the Mums&bubs Yoga until you find that your baby is too mobile.

How do the Mums&Bubs classes work, what do I do when my baby is unsettled?  No picture book babies allowed! :) The classes are held in an emotionally safe space for all mothers and babies. Remember that everyone in the room has been in a situation like that before.  Please feed and settle your baby anytime throughout the class and join in for yoga when he/she is relaxed. You can keep your baby in front of you on a blanket so you can have eye contact and little chats throughout the whole class. We use sounds and clicking fingers to gently give them focus and make them curious. There are often many new things to discover for them there but some decide to just sleep through the whole class!

Refund Policy Bellyamas Yoga doesn't offer refunds, however, if you are unable to attend a class you can contact us and we may be able to arrange a makeup class for you in the consecutive course. If have made a booking for a course and you find that you are unable to come along for health reasons please contact me straight away before commencement of the classes.