Pelvic Floor Workshops

A workshop for all women! No matter if you are pregnant, in your postnatal period or beyond. Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is not just great for a smoother birth but also for an easier postnatal recovery. It is also vital for our mental health, it is proven to be life-extending, prevent and recover incontinence and prolapse.

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About the Workshops

The Pelvic Floor workshops are for every woman pre-or post birth or during menopause. Fee Klauser, experienced Yoga teacher and specifically trained in women's health will share the following things with you:

1. The pelvic floor and your core: overview of anatomy and physiology (how all the muscles work together best)

2.  Exercises: Correct activation and relaxation of your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles

3. How to maintain or regain a healthy pelvic floor in your daily life as a woman or mum (constantly lifting and carrying things and babies)

4. Daily exercises to take home

"Can I bring my baby?" I recommend to get a baby sitter for the time if possible because you will probably learn a lot more if you come by yourself.  However, babies are welcome if you can't find a babysitter of course.

Next Workshop Dates

Next workshop is planned for Jan/Feb 2020! Fee Klauser is currently living in Germany with her two little girls to be with her mother and help care for her grandma. She will be back to take workshops again early Jan 2020.

Need a solution right now?

1. Contact Fee if you are interested in a Skype workshop either just for yourself or together with a group of your girlfriends in your own home (Extensive handouts will be sent to you)

2. Back at base, in Melbourne, Melisa is taking lots of great Yoga classes for her! Find out more about current Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga classes.


My Midwives, 31 Weston St, Brunswick


What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything else apart from comfortable clothing to wear and a water bottle if needed.