Pelvic Floor Workshops

A workshop for all women! No matter if you are pregnant, in your postnatal period or beyond. Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is not just great for a smoother birth but also for an easier postnatal recovery. It is also vital for our mental health, it is proven to be life-extending, prevent and recover incontinence and prolapse.

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About the Workshops

The Pelvic Floor workshops are for every woman pre-or post birth or during menopause. Fee Klauser, experienced Yoga teacher and specifically trained in women's health will share the following things with you:

1. The pelvic floor and your core: overview of anatomy and physiology (how all the muscles work together best)

2.  Exercises: Correct activation and relaxation of your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles

3. How to maintain or regain a healthy pelvic floor in your daily life as a woman or mum (constantly lifting and carrying things and babies)

4. Daily exercises to take home

"Can I bring my baby?" I recommend to get a baby sitter for the time if possible because you will probably learn a lot more if you come by yourself.  However, babies are welcome if you can't find a babysitter of course.


My Midwives, 31 Weston St, Brunswick


What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything else apart from comfortable clothing to wear and a water bottle if needed.