The Story Bellyamas Yoga was founded by Fee klauser in 2011 with the main purpose to support women with their pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond. After growing up as the daughter of a midwife and living the experience of becoming a mother, Fee's vision was to create a nurturing network of yoga classes that enable women to practice continuously throughout the whole journey of becoming a mother. Women will experience continuity of care at Bellyamas Yoga and gain a social network of mums around them.

I believe that Yoga is beneficial for everybody and every body. You are never too inflexible or  unfit, too old or too young, too this or too that. Through Yoga we can seek and find balance, it can make us feel alert and calm, flexible and strong, grounded and light, all at the same time!  Yoga is a holistic way of life, it does not only influence your body but through the body also your mental-emotional state.                                                                                                                                                              Here is an idea of how most of I teach, of course, the relief teachers may each have her own individual style and focus (more about the teachers here )

  • we support /safe correct alignment and joint-spacing

  • we do our best to cater for individual needs in a group setting

  • we give clear verbal alignment cues

  • we demonstrate if we think it's useful to you

  • we adjust and assist physically if we feel it's appropriate ( we would never touch you if you don't want to be touched. Tell the teacher at the beginning of the class, we will not be offended)

  • If we are not at the front of the room instructing, we walk around the room so we can check everybody's alignment and instruct accordingly

  • We teach in a non- judgemental and compassionate way, will help you modify whenever necessary

  • You always have the option to challenge yourself but also to rest at any time!

  • We sequence classes according to time of day, season, students' experience, level of class

  • We will help you to modify if needed if you have any pains or injuries

  • We will remind you to breathe

  • In the end we want you to have fun and be/feel safe at the same time