PRENATAL YOGA                

in Brunswick & Geelong

The Bellyamas Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to support you during pregnancy, physically and emotionally by strengthening and nurturing your body. It is a weekly space to focus on your pregnancy and meet other mums-to-be. You will learn useful breathing techniques that women have employed for generations in assisting natural birth by staying centred, calm and strong. The body is going through vast inner and outer changes whilst growing a little human being and it is therefore important to nurture yourself with lots of love and tenderness. 

Exciting news from a former Pregnancy Yoga students:                                                                                       'I used horse breath the whole labour and breathed her out. So much of what I used came from your  classes - thank you!!' - Amy, Jan'18                                                                                                                         'I had my baby! The midwives were very impressed with my breathing and I thought of you frequently throughout the whole ordeal! I can't thank you enough for your teaching and support over the last few months, I felt so well prepared and strong thanks to you - I even had your calming voice in my mind as I was doing the horse breath! I hope I can join you for some post-natal yoga over the coming months.' - Lauren, Dec '15

Course/Class Details

6-Week Courses in Brunswick run regularly, investment $110, bookings essential          Classes in Geelong run weekly, check pricing here

BRUNSWICK - 6 week courses

20th Aug to 24th Sep                        Mondays                        5.30 to 6.30 pm         6-week course        

 GEELONG Wednesdays               6.30 to 7.45 pm classes run weekly      join casually or with a flexible class pass   

3rd Sep to 8th Oct    Mondays                       6.45 to 7.45pm            6-week course        


BRUNSWICK                                                                           My Midwives Brunswick                                                       31 Weston St


GEELONG                                                                                Atha Yoga Geelong                                                                     19 Sydney Ave


What to bring

There are plenty of mats, blankets and other props at the studio, available for our use so you don't need to bring anything apart from comfortable clothing to wear in class.